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Sell Furniture


Estate liquidation


Our online auction is the quickest and easiest way to liquidate furniture and other home decor. Get approved to sell to our 10,000+ active bidders in Southern California and Austin, TX in as little as 1 day. Learn how it works

We have temporarily suspended our consignment program.

We continue to accept reconsignment of items purchased in our auction at all warehouses.

How It Works

1. You fill out our form and upload a couple photos of items you'd like to sell.

2. We get back to you within 1 week regarding whether we'll accept your items.

3. You drop off the pieces at our warehouse or set up a time for us to pick them up.

4. We take photos and craft a descriptive title to showcase your item(s).

5. Items are auctioned off within 1-2 weeks of them arriving at our warehouse.

6. We pay you the proceeds via check the Monday following the auction close.

The Fee Structure

Seller's Premium: 40% of the auction price

Photo Fee: $10 per listing

Pickup Fee (if applicable): $175 per load in SD or $250 per load in LA.
Additional $5 per mile outside of 25 mile radius of our warehouses.

Note: Fees are deducted from your consignor payout and not paid upfront. For pickup service, we send a 16 ft box truck in Los Angeles and a large Mercedes Sprinter van in San Diego.

Payout Example

Auction Sale Price:


40% Seller's Premium:


Photo Fee:




Consignor Payout*:


*Assumes no pickup fee.

Dropoffs by Appointment Only

Note: You must be approved and have an appointment prior to dropping off. This means having a reference number and a completed consignor agreement. Please submit our online form first.

San Diego, CA
8535 Production Ave, San Diego, CA 92121

Los Angeles, CA
3344 Leonis Blvd, Vernon, CA 90058

Austin, TX
9701 Dessau Rd, Ste 101, Austin, TX 78754

**We are not currently accepting new consignments at our Orange County location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set minimum bids or reserve bids on my items?
We start the bidding for each auction item at $10. We have found starting each item at $10 draws in the largest amount of bidders, resulting in the highest sale price. Higher minimums are strongly discouraged and must be approved by Loveseat before we take possession of your item(s). We do not support reserve bids.

What happens if my item doesn't sell?
If your item does not sell the first time it runs in our online auction, we'll automatically put it in a future auction at a lower minimum bid. If your item still doesn't sell after 3 attempts, your item will be donated or discarded. IMPORTANT: items will not be returned to the consignor under any circumstances.

Is your photo fee per item?
Our photo fee is a one-time fee per lot (a grouping of items) deducted from your consignor payment when the lot sells. By default, we break up sets in ways we have found produce the most value. For a dining set, we will list the dining table as one lot and the dining chairs as a separate lot, resulting in $20 of photo fees. For a bedroom set, we will list each dresser separately, any nighstands together and the bed separately. Larger lots can be created upon request.

Do you make house calls?
Most of our inventory onboarding can be done via submitted photos, but we will make house calls for large quantities of items (entire estates). If you are interested in a house call, please add that information to the description field in our form. Please note, we'll want some initial photos before we plan a trip to your location.

Can you just buy everything?
We're willing to entertain full buyouts for certain circumstances only like entire estates.

Are there any limitations to the pickup service?
Yes, pickup service is offered at our discretion, and we will not do pickups on smaller quantities of items. Al items must be disassembled and ready for our team to put in the vehicle. If we are unable to offer you pickup service, we recommend you use GoShare, Dolly or Lugg to get your items to us.

When do I get paid?
We mail your check and email you a consignment summary the Monday after your items sell.

What types of items does Loveseat take?
We specialize in furniture and home decor. We accept most furniture items in good condition - both indoor and outdoor. Almost all home decor items such as mirrors, lamps, clocks, paintings, rugs are gladly accepted.

Are there furniture items that Loveseat does not take or tends to avoid?
We do not accept mattresses, box springs, pianos or electronics. We try to avoid extremely large items - such as big wall units, large china cabinets - unless they are very special and a currently desirable design.

I filled out your form. How long does it take you to respond?
We usually respond within 1 week. Please contact us if you have an urgent case at

Can I drop off items to your warehouses?
Yes, dropoffs are by appointment only. You will be able to make an appointment after you have received a response from us and have a reference number. Please be sure to fill out the form on our website and sign our consignor agreement before you arrive.
If you have already been approved by our team, you may bring in additional items without needing to submit again, but you will need an appointment each time you visit our warehouse.

I only have a few items to sell. Is this the place for me?
Yes, we deal with individual sellers selling as few as a single item.

I have a ton of items to sell. Is this the place for me?
Yes, we deal with entire estates, store bankruptcies, etc. There is no such thing as too much stuff for us.

What if one of my pieces is damaged while consigned to Loveseat?
We do our absolute best to treat your items with the utmost attention and care, however, mistakes do happen in the fast-paced world of auctions. You consign to Loveseat under your own risk and we will not be held accountable for item damage.

Can I get my items back if I change my mind?
No. Once we’ve taken posession of your items, they will not be returned to the consignor under any circumstance. Please note, any photo fees will be payable upon pickup.

Is Loveseat licensed / bonded?
Yes. Loveseat is a California bonded online auction. CA Bond # 63788247.