The Winning Formula:
How It Works

  • Browse

    Choose an auction in a city near you and start scrolling. New auctions launch every Wednesday in Austin and every Thursday in San Antonio and San Diego.

    • We list hundreds of new-to-us items each week in your city.
    • Most items are customer-returned or retailer overstock.
    • Keep in mind: returned items may be blemished or incomplete.
  • Bid

    Found the perfect piece? Bid to win.
    (Or we'll bid for you - just set the max you're willing to pay.)

    • Most items start at $10. Prices increase as bids are placed.
    • A Service Fee applies to each item.
    • Your card is charged at auction end for items you win.
    • All sales are final so bid accordingly.
  • Win

    Collect your winnings at our warehouse in San Diego, Austin or San Antonio.

    • Come prepared with any help or tools needed to load your vehicle.
    • We work with any Third Party delivery company. We recommend GoShare.
    • We offer late pickup the following Saturday for a $20 per item storage fee.
    • Any items not picked up a week after auction close will be refunded, less a 25% restocking fee (per item).
  • Love

    You scored an unbelievable deal!
    Come back every few days to discover something new.