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Auction FAQ


    An auction is a public sale where items are sold to the highest bidder. Anyone can participate!

    Each auction has a start date and an end date when the winners will be determined.

    In San Diego, we hold auctions every week, starting on Thursday morning and ending each Wednesday night, beginning at 7pm.

    Our Los Angeles auctions are held about every two weeks.

    No, the first item in the auction ends at 7pm, and each item after it ends in 45-second intervals.

    The only exception is if a bid is placed in the last 4 minutes of an auction. We automatically extend the auction for that item by another 4 minutes to give others a chance to bid.

    No, our auction is entirely online so we can be accessible to more people.

    Our San Diego warehouse is closed to the public except for our Item Inspections every Tuesday from 3pm-6:30pm & every Wednesday from 10am-2pm.

    Our Los Angeles auction items are available to preview on the preview dates listed in the Auction Terms & Conditions.

    Please do come to our Item Inspection to see, touch and try out any item in the auction!

    A Buyer's Premium is an additional charge of 15% that is based on the price each item sells for.

    If you win an item that is priced at $100, you will be charged $115 (plus any applicable sales tax).


    When you enter your maximum bid, that represents the maximum that you are willing to pay for that item.

    If you bid $100, the price of the item does not automatically increase to $100 - the prices increase according to our bid increments as other bids are placed. Many times you will win the item for much less!

    All items start at $10. After an item has a bid, the price increases according to our bid increments as other bids are placed.

    No, no money changes hands when you place a bid, and bidding is free!

    We automatically charge your credit card you registered with for any items you have won at the end of the auction.

    We send you an email and a text message to the information you provided upon signup as soon as you are outbid.

    If you were outbid less than 4 minutes before the auction for a particular item ends, you will have an additional 4 minutes to submit a higher bid.

    We support Extended Bidding. If a bid is received within the last 4 minutes of an item's auction, we will extend that item another 4 minutes. This gives anyone who is outbid a fair chance to win the item back.

    No, you cannot cancel a bid, and there are NO REFUNDS. A bid is a contract to pay if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

    Please attend our Item Inspection to ensure you like your item before placing a bid.

Preview & Inspection

    An Item Inspection is the time our warehouse is open to the public for anyone to inspect, feel and try out any of the items in the auction.

    In San Diego, we hold Item Inspections every Tuesday from 3pm-6:30pm & Wednesday from 10am-2pm.

    Check out the auction Terms & Conditions for Item Inspection hours for our Los Angeles auction items.

    Each Item Inspection is held in our warehouse.

    Our San Diego warehouse is located at 5035 Shawline St, San Diego, CA 92111.

    Our Los Angeles warehouse is located at 2445 E 12th St, Unit C, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

    Attendance at the Item Inspection is not mandatory, but since all items are sold AS IS and there are NO RETURNS, we highly encourage you to stop by.

    If you make a bid on an item you have not seen, you are doing so at your own risk.

    No, our Item Inspections are open to the public, regardless of whether or not you've registered for the auction.

    Nope! Come on in and say hi whenever and for however long you'd like to.


    We will email you an invoice on the night the auction ends if you have won any items.

    You can also access this invoice from the Purchases section of your account page.

    Credit cards are automatically charged for any items you have won after the entire auction has ended.

    Your card will not be charged if you do not win any items.

    We do NOT store your credit card number or your security code in our system, and we will NEVER share your payment data with anyone.

    We put a $10 authorization on your card when you register for each auction. This falls off your statement in 3-5 business days. You will not be charged.

    We honor valid California Seller Permits and will not charge you sales tax if you have submitted your permit number before the auction is over.

    You can enter your permit number during auction registration or in the Settings section of your account page.

    We verify each permit with the CDTFA.

Removal & Delivery

    All items must be removed on the fixed removal date. Please see the auction Terms & Conditions for details.

    All items are sold AS IS and there are NO REFUNDS.

    Please make sure you read the lot description and attend our Item Inspection to see the item in person before bidding.

    All items must be removed on the removal date stated in the auction Terms & Conditions.

    In San Diego, we offer late pickup hours during our Item Inspection on Tuesdays from 3pm-6:30pm. There is a $10 storage fee for each item picked up on Tuesdays.

    Anything not picked up 1 week after the auction end date will be forfeit with no refund to your card.

    We have a solution for that! We are happy to work with any third party delivery provider, but we highly recommend GoShare. Their rates start at $39.99.

    Pickup is DIY, so you must bring your own tools and enough help you need to put it in your vehicle.

    Our warehouse staff will bring each item to the threshold of our warehouse, but you are responsible after that.


    We don't accept everything into our auction, so you must submit photos of your pieces via our online form in order to get approved. It generally takes us 2 business days to send you a response.

    We collect a 40% fee to sell your item in our auction.

    We also collect a photo fee of $10 for furniture items and $5 for small decor items.

    This means that if your coffee table sells for $100, we will pay you $50.

    We pay the following Monday after the item has sold in our weekly auction. Generally it's about 2 weeks from the time we receive the item and the time we send payment.

    After your items have been approved by our curator, you are welcome to drop them off any time during our dropoff hours.

    Please see the consignment agreement you are sent for exact dropoff hours for your location.

    We only offer pickup service on large groups of items. We charge $100 for each truckload, which is deducted from your total payout.